I Have to Be Thankful Again?

T'was the weekend of Thanksgiving here in Canada & your truly was in the mood to be ever so festive sick. I literally just sneezed twice so I'm not back at 100% yet. However, in an effort to recap the weekend & keep up with all the sentimental blog posts that are published during holiday weekends, I'm going to string together a few sentences.

Sunday was the most eventful day of my weekend. There were two events that were huge for my family taking place & I was willing to fight through a third day with a sore throat to be a part of them both. The first of these events was the finals of the ICC World T20 Cricket tournament at 9:15am. With family from New York staying over at our place for the night & leaving that morning, Dad & I were awake & ready to watch. Nothing gets my father more excited than seeing his team do well. The last time I saw him as happy as he was when the West Indies team walked out was at my university graduation. What? He didn't go to that? Whoops. After electing to bat first, the Windies didn't display an offensive onslaught for the ages but it proved to be enough to hold off the home Sri Lankan side. Dad went from laying on the couch depressed to literally jumping up & down with excitement. That's the beauty of sports. It's an emotional roller coaster that allows people to step out of "real" life for a few hours at a time to believe in something. It's like a religion that encourages you to stay home in front of your TV with the surround sound on.
Next up was an actually religious event; the Christening of my nephew, in the West Indian "everyone is related" way. Luckily for the respective sleep cycles of Dad & I, there were a few hours between the church proceedings & celebration fete later that evening. So after heading home & then back to the church hall, big tingz were ready to gwan!
My extended family is awesome. I've written about them before but I love them so deal with it. There aren't many people in life that you can be out of contact for months & upon seeing them fall right back into the swing of things. Relatives or not, that's family to me. Admittedly my illness started to catch up to me by the time the DJ went to work, & I ate entirely too much food that night, but I did get on the dance-floor for a bit. I spent most of the night feeling like I was going to die but when the DJ teases a second of "Gangnam Style" & at least four people in different parts of the room instantly turn to you, sacrifices must be made.
I've got plenty to be thankful for around this time of year. Family is great & you can't go wrong with real friends. Health is nice too. At the same time though, there's plenty I don't have. I'm glad I graduated but I still haven't found my dream job. Speaking of dreams... actually, nevermind. I'm not smiling. Shut up. I've got my share of things to be happy about but I'm certainly trying to get a few more things people her things in my life. There's plenty of room for improvement so onward & upward to the next adventure, I say. Even when you've got nothing to be thankful for, sometimes tomorrow is all you need to change that. #PMA

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