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As a believer in the fact that there's always room for improvement, I've embarked on a new experiment. I'm officially counting the calories I take in on a daily basis. Is it because I'm grossly out of shape? No. Might it stem from me having more data than I need in my mobile phone plan & a love for apps that make it look like I'm doing something important when people are looking at me? Possibly.
For those of you familiar with the fact that I'm currently using a Nokia phone, you've probably heard me gripe about the limited number of apps available for it. The list of popular apps in the Nokia Store pretty much goes from Angry Birds to the Kama Sutra. Both of which are useful but one can't really be used to kill time on the bus. The other day I noticed the Livestrong Calorie Tracker & was reminded of a podcast I first heard a few weeks ago, where the idea of keeping track of all the food you eat was brought up. It's an interesting way to determine your caloric input & output on a daily basis. Also, if you try as hard as I did, you can justify it as a game on your phone & a thermodynamics experiment. Boom! So in the spirit of TK, I went for it.
So far it's been alright. Everything I've been eating can be found on the list of foods in the app; but we'll see how well their database does next time I have to type in "Dhal & rice". Today I managed to eat about 30% of my daily calories by 12:06am. Again, I swear I'm in decent shape. Sure my last two workouts have about a month of space in between them but I'm good. Like I wrote earlier, there's room for improvement.

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