Famous Re-Tweeters

The brilliance of social media outlets like Twitter is that you can post all sorts of random thoughts & never look like you're completely out of your mind. More often than not, there's one person somewhere in the world that makes your weirdest thoughts look sane. If you're lucky, somebody in the world might even agree with the wanderings of your mind & share your content with their audience. When that person who retweets your ideas happens to be a "celebrity", things can get a little interesting.
While watching the U.S. Presidential debate last night, I had my computer on & Twitter open. Whenever there's a major event on television, Twitter is the most entertaining place to be. Comedians & wise-asses unite to roast any & everything. The Bachelor/Bachelorette, the Olympics, award shows, etc.
In the midst of my attempts to make strangers laugh, I managed to get a retweet from someone "famous". (I'm using quotation marks because if I have to be reminded why someone is famous, they don't count as a celebrity IMO) Then suddenly the amount of people in my interactions was more than it had ever been. I've had models, bloggers & athletes mention me online before but last night was ridiculous. Every time I refreshed the page, it would need to be refreshed again in seconds. I didn't get CM Punk numbers but I couldn't help but think "This is how it feels!"
It's not a regular occurrence, for me anyways, but it's one of the more enjoyable parts of social media. Having someone with an audience that completely overshadows your own taking a second to share your content. As someone who retweets people regularly, it really takes little to no effort but the way someone can feel after seeing a thought of their own spread is amazing. Kind of nerdy, but amazing nonetheless. So cheers to the people who retweet & share content, especially the "famous" ones in this case. It's good to know that you can still see us from high atop the pedestals of society. Thanks for picking a few of us up every so often for our 15 minutes.

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