Finding Music Online

Do any of you remember the last time you took time out from your schedule to make a trip to your favourite record store to see what new music was in? If yes, I firmly believe that you're in a minority. The availability of legal music on the Internet might be at an all-time high these days & I think it's fantastic for those that are willing to adapt. Personally, I don't mind opening my SoundCloud app & finding a new mix-tape waiting to be downloaded at all.
However, I still love a random trek out to the record store. Back in my university days, that was one of the best ways to kill off a break between classes. You grab a friend or two, walk over to see what was new & compare what new artists had cracked your playlist already. I can speak from experience that these musical debates brought me closer to friends & probably played a part in other people exiting my life. (See the "You like jazz?!" situation) The bigger stores don't just stock albums but movies, comics & all sorts of things that seem necessary while you're looking at them. With your friends with you, it's a fun experience even if you spend no money. So while downloading from the comfort home might be easier than leaving the house, the record shop will always have a place in my life. Shout-outs to the Mom & Pop shops around the city!

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