It's Friday, Friday

Last night, Tru-Def put me on to Rebecca Black's "Friday". I've shown her a lot of random videos, but whenever she sends one my way it's quality.
Plus, she was singing it from the time I saw her. If a joke stays in a persons mind for that long, it has to be quality. That's when it happened. I heard the song. It was everything that I didn't care for. Shallow lyrical content, an unnecessary rap verse, a dumb video. At the same time though, it was brilliant. You can't help but laugh when you take it all in. That, in turn, makes you happy & anytime a song can make you smile, I think it should be applauded for that if nothing else.

The song only got better when I got up in the morning though. It was the first thing I heard on the radio, which is crazy because I wake up to an AM station. When I got to school & caught up with Kam, we both tried to tell it to each other about it at the same time. As we looked up remixes to it, we suddenly heard it from somewhere else in the room. I threw down my headphones like "That's not me this time. I swear!" Then, we turned around to see two guys behind us playing it too. We all looked at each other & burst into laughter! I took this good mood to class & then found out that even Efe knew the song too! It really was good times all around. All in all, not a bad Friday.

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  1. I can't believe you had something nice to say about her...who would have thought Bieber could be better than someone