Live From New York

My tour of the northeastern United States of America has be a successful one. We saw New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, D.C. & Virginia. Since NYC is the city that never sleeps, it's only right that I spend my last few hours in The Bronx reflecting on the adventure.

Tru-Def, Mom & I took the bus to get here & let me tell you, that was the worst bus ride I've ever been on. The lineup for NYC buses went out of the station & halfway around the block! We met this Jamaican guy, Jason, who was in the midst of his first bus trip. He said that his Dad told him to just cross the border, go to the airport in Buffalo & fly to NY but Jason opted for the bus as it was $100 cheaper. He screwed up there! We waited for an hour before we got onto a bus & then got caught at the border for another 4 hours! According to Mom, the driver said that there were 16 buses in front of us. After that delay, the trip went fine... until the bathroom started to smell funky. C'mon kids, one of the most important rules of public transit is to not take a dump on the bus/train. Hold it in for the sake of everyone else!

Queens was a nice time. We BBQ-ed, watched random fireworks from other houses on the block & did the stuff that all families do. I mean, all families do go to three different stores to look for seedless tamarind, right? You'd think that if Liberty Ave. would be good for something, it'd be West Indian cooking ingredients. Go figure.

After a day in Queens, it was on to another bus to D.C. Tru-Def & I sat in the front of our double-decker bus, on the top level of course. This bus made just one stop & got us to Washington early. The next few days in Virginia were awesome. Food, drinks, music, jokes, history, architecture, planking, shopping & yard work. I'm still not sure how that last one got in there. I ended up running up & down the staircase from 'The Exorcist' while getting the tour of D.C. from my cousins. Then we watched the movie, along with 'The Human Centipede' in their "haunted" basement. On the 4th, we watched a parade before watching fireworks near the Washington Monument. Once the crowd cleared out, our team broke out the Frisbee & tossed it around while snipers watched us from the rooftops.

Then we left Virginia & headed back up to The Bronx; but not before I got to meet two of my nieces. No lie, my nieces & nephews are the cutest human beings on this planet, regardless of the country they live in. In fact, they're all so cute that I'm giving them an entire paragraph in this blog post.
In short, this was a great week. It's nice to just step out of the world you live in for a while & be in a different place with the people you love. We didn't get to see everyone but shout-out to those who made cameos during this adventure. From NYC to D.C. & from VA to T.O., t'was a blast! Now I just have to figure out how I'm going to repay all of you when you show up in my city.

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