My Leg: The Specialist

Nothing better than waking up to see a doctor, right? Well that was how I got the warmest day ever, in the city of Toronto, on & popping. The short version of the story is that I'm not going to need surgery if I get treatment later this year. Brap, brap! The long version however, is well, longer. If you've got time to waste in no better way, feel free to keep reading.

The day of my appointment with the specialist finally came. I had to do a little digging on Google to find out where the clinic was because "I" lost the address. I wrote it on two different pieces of paper but as you may know, paper tends to get thrown out when mothers get to cleaning. I got the address & set up the GPS to get me where I needed to be. After the GPS took Tru-Def & I to the middle of nowhere (Mississauga, to be exact) I've stopped following it's directions as strictly as I should. How're you going to tell me all the turns to make, except the last one? We haven't "arrived at the destination" if there are no buildings around! Luckily, my trip to downtown Brampton went smoother.

I got into the office for 9am, as I wasn't sure when my appointment was. Like I said earlier, I wrote all my info down but it all got tossed out. I knew it was in the 9 o'clock hour so I figured I'd just show up early rather than be late. According to the receptionist, my appointment wasn't until 9:30am. Since the waiting room cleared out quickly though, I got in there early. When the doctor saw me, he seemed confused that I even came in with a problem like this. He was like "It's a varicose vein" & thought we could just leave it. Then I kicked the story of how it's been getting worse since I was little & how there are days when I can't put any weight on it. That's when he suggested injections to remove the swollen veins. He also mentioned that it'll cost $220. Therefore I'd like to take this time to announce the formation of the "CSA affi ave two good leg" fund...

We'll see where this story goes in the Fall. He suggested that we push the treatment to later in the year because I'll need to have my leg bandaged for a few days. This means he either doesn't want me to sweat through it or he's concerned that a bandage won't match any of my outfits. Regardless, I'm not going to need surgery. If I had any more swelling in the other direction though, they'd need to take out the main vein in my leg. So that's a win for me & I'm always up for those.

Shout-out to everyone sending me those good vibes. They are appreciated. However, if you were contributing to the fund, there's a possibility I'd appreciate you more.

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