8:14 in Brampton

There's a fine line between adventure & misadventure. This morning, a friend & I crossed it several times. When you try to pull good times out of the air things can go wrong. However when you roll with a team like I do, a memorable story is never that far away. You've just got to put in work to get there.

With my first day at school in months being today, I was up & out of bed shortly after 6:30am. Why torture myself with all the ways my meeting at the Biology office could go wrong when I could go do cardio or something, right? I looked over to my computer & noticed that it was sleeping & not shut down. Then I thought, "Why not check Twitter?" Maybe Will & Jada were "breaking up" again or The Biebs was making music like Kanye West a depressed artist who lost his girl. So I opened up the app & noticed one person all up on my monitor: my home-girl T. Since the both of us were awake with nothing to do, we figured we could kill the morning doing something together before I had to catch my train. See, by saying "we figured" it looks like this ridiculous adventure wasn't completely my idea. Soon enough, she was in my driveway & I was ready to see where the day would take us.

The day took us nowhere. We ended up in our usual Timmies parking lot & chilled out for a while listening to music in her car. Until however, the music cut off. T tried to get the car back on but apparently her ride even thought that it was dumb for us to be hanging around a parking lot & calling that an adventure. Our original plan was to wait a while & see if the battery could bring itself back to life. Then SOMEONE wanted to turn the car on to bring up their window. Hopefully the irony hits you when you realise that the last bit of power the battery had was used to keep us dry. By 10am, it was decided that Plan A stank & we needed to whip up a Plan B.

Since T has a pair of jumper cables at her house, we figured that we needed to get there. This meant that we had to get to my house in order to get a set of wheels. The only catch was that her leg wasn't at 100%. So I told her to hang out & try to keep dry, as it was raining at this point, while I literally ran home to get my ride. Congratulations, Mr. "I Want To Do Cardio This Morning", you jackass.

I got home easily enough & made it back to T before lightning stuck the tree she was waiting near. We went to her place & got the cables we needed & headed back to unleash our inner mechanics. T'was easy enough; black (working) to black (not working) & red (working) to red (not working). Shout-outs to our Dads for their on-the-spot tutorials. Additional respect to my dad for not hanging up the phone when I told him I didn't know how to open the hood of our car.

After that, my day pretty much went as it was scheduled to. I went to school, caught up with the Notorious E.F.E. & kicked it for a while. My meeting with the Bio office was about as smooth as it could've been. Yes, the careful selection of my "intellectual" outfit was necessary for the meeting to go well! If every other day during the upcoming school year can go like this, it will definitely be a memorable one.

Side-note: The day ended with me getting back to the train station on the train before my mom. My plan was to sit in the car, relax & listen to the radio until she came. After this morning, I will forever think twice about that plan.

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