Manifesto Festival 2010

With all the craziness involved in changing my major, starting up this new site & having to remember to brush my teeth everyday, I totally neglected to post my recap of Manifesto 2010.
The heart of my city was beating hard that night & it sounded oh so sweet. Hip-hop heads from around the GTA united in Yonge-Dundas Square to take in talent from Toronto, Montreal, New Orleans, New York & Philadelphia. I didn't get the greatest place to stand (behind two towering dudes) but who can complain when one of the infamous 'Black History' guys is rocking out just steps from you. There were hipsters in skinny jeans spitting the same lyrics as the bad-man inna deh fitted. The girl next to me had her eyes closed & just immersed herself in rhythms & rhymes (I dubbed her 'Lauryn'). Oh, and for the majority of the night the crowd was swimming in the scent of chronic. Ah, the prices I end up paying as I go on my adventures.

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