Me + Virgin

Ever have one of those days where you think "Why don't cameras follow me 24/7?" Yesterday was one of those pour moi. When I got up, I had a plan of how the day would go. By the time I got out of my room, that plan was thrown out of the window.
Tru-Def & I were supposed to hit up a certain restaurant that recently started its Monopoly promotion but SOMEONE had left the house already. So I was all sorts of lonely until I left for my bus.

While climbing into the bus, I noticed that dude in front of me was paying his fare with a $50 bill. Before my screw-face could even develop, I heard the driver say he didn't have change for it. That's when dude in front of me let loose one of my favourite responses ever: "No speak Inglés". However the driver suddenly busts out a little Español of his own (Yes, I assumed dude was South Asian. C'mon, it's Brampton). So after they're conversation the driver waves me though, to which out of instinct I fully replied, "Gracias, señor" & used up about 30% of all the Spanish I know (Sorry, Dora).

After a nap on the public limo, I made it downtown. Shout-outs to Danny Fernandes who I (think I) saw in the mall. I'm also pretty sure I ended up in an Asian news segement, so shout-outs to OMNI. Anyways, There were probably 30 people missing in class, but my crew was basically in full-effect at the back (so you know very little work got done). Eventually we got out & headed home. As Kam & I were dodging rain drops, we couldn't help but notice a lot of people with plates of food. Sure enough, as we got to good ol' Yonge & Dundas square, there was a BBQ going on in the POURING rain! Virgin Mobile had a stage set up, enough food to feed an army & pyro being tested before a performance. The smoke & flames didn't do unnoticed by the fire department though, because the trucks found their way to the party too. I'm sure they didn't initially know what was going on, but Kam & I did see a firefighter leaving with an entire tray of burgers as we were eating. Who leaves a BBQ empty without taking food home, right? We ended up with the lighting guy (who I'm calling Richard Branson) & managed to find out some info that we're not supposed to know (Wait on the next batch of YT vids). Oct/7/2010 has now been scheduled to involve good times. Also, shout-outs to Kid Cudi who I (think I) saw wandering around.

The downside came when I had to leave before anyone ever made it on stage. The mission to Union involved me having to sprint, but I made the train. I had to stand next to the oddest couple though. They weren't speaking a lick of English, but body language dictated that there was some sort of disagreement going on (All those episodes of The Y&R have made me a psychologist). At one point, the girl turns her back to the guy & just stares at something that was over my shoulder. However to my knowledge there was nothing there to look at, so I was thinking "I don't care how teary her eyes are. This chick is a foot away from my face & if she gets closer, I'm hitting her with this water bottle Richard Branson gave me."

In short, t'was an odd day. T'was odd, indeed. Sometimes you've just got to roll with the punches & play whatever cards you get dealt. If that fails, just spout cliches until you feel better. Whatever makes you smile.

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