I Dream of… Snooki?

You think your dreams are weird, eh? Let me educate you, right quick then. Here's how my most recent dream went down:

For whatever reason, I'm in a hotel talking to security at the front desk in an attempt to get him to let me up to the 10th floor to meet everyone's favourite TV star, Snooki.
I show him my school ID card, but he tells me it's not enough & that he wants more proof that I was who I claimed to be. So at this point I start listing my stats like the back of a trading card. I give him my name, height, weight... All I needed to say was that I enjoy long walks on the beach & it would've been what my eventual eHarmony profile would sound like (#lonelytweet). At this point, my Dad comes out of nowhere & starts talking to the guard. As they talk, I notice a RUN-DMC clock hanging on the wall (what kind of hotel has a... nevermind) & jump back into the conversation. "Ah, man! RUN-DMC! 'Walk This Way'! Aerosmith!" The next thing I know, the guy was letting us up.

We turn & begin to make our way up the stairs. "I think she's on the 10th", I say. Then Dad busts out a sprint & just cruises up the stairs. So quickly in fact, that when I got to the 10th floor I didn't see him anywhere. Now I'm wandering around like "This no longer makes any sense" but as I'm walking who do I find? Yep, the girl is just hanging out & watching TV. That's when I uttered a line that I can only hope to one day use in real life: "Um, hi. Now, you don't know me, & this is going to seem pretty random, but I don't suppose you've seen my Dad?" She says no, but then fully helps me tear up the 10th floor of the hotel trying to find him. The dream ended with me trying to raise the foot-board of a bed while she looks underneath.

You're probably wondering why in the blue hell I had that dream. Well around these parts, Jersey Shore references are pretty abundant. Dad's favourite person on the show, you guessed it, is the aforementioned Snooki. Finally, on Friday night as he walked into the house, Dad was singing 'We Don't Speak Americano'. I'm convinced that all this merged together to give me an interesting Saturday morning before I even opened my eyes. However, if you're the type who thinks every dream has a deeper meaning, I'd love to hear you explain this one. Please, I dare you to try to make sense out of this one.

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  1. Dude, I don't even...I don't know what to say.

    Dead brain cells = Jersey Shore. (seriously).

    Also, you had super powers? Cool stuff, huh.