NHL Face-off 2010

I'll never forget what happened on the first day of the Maple Leafs's 2009-2010 season, for previously stated reasons. Due to this, I couldn't let today pass without some sort of adventure. It's didn't go exactly as I planned but it happened, & at the end of the day that's all you can ask for.
Anytime a portion of Yonge Street is shut down due to sports, it's a big deal. Today, the NHL decided to throw a party to kick off the new season in Toronto & where better to do it than Yonge-Dundas Square? When I showed up I figured I'd take in some music there, but eventually leave to crash the pre-game festivities down at the ACC. The plan was still in tact as I strolled in during sound-check for Down With Webster. It's always neat to see some of the preparation that goes into putting on a concert; even though DWW only played a few tracks (they came back at the end of the night). Fortunately, there were plenty of things to do between musical acts. Among them, a Q&A session with Darryl Sittler & Walter Gretzky that had me 5 steps away from where they sat. Not bad, right?

Around 4pm, I was faced with a decision. I could race to the ACC & catch a set by Arkells (who I admittedly have limited knowledge of) or stay for a Hey Rosetta! set (who I have less knowledge of). Since I didn't want to give up my spot, or the chance of running into some of my crew, I stayed put. Not a bad move, if I do say so myself. T'was quality music! Sometimes I'm so proud that we Canadians have such a vibrant scene. No matter where you go, there's an act there making good tunes. I'm definitely a new fan. Shout-outs to Efe for coming though; although she missed out on the main event.

There was more than a hour worth of waiting before Hedley performed. Shout-outs to the annoying girls who rushed to the show after school. How do I know they came from school? Book-bags... all up in my space. At least, I hope that was a bag that kept moving up & down my back. Anything else & I may have to press charges. If not for that, then at least the crazy amount of pushing. You'd think we were at the gates of Heaven (I guess for the Hedley fans though, this was pretty close). I was about to let one in front of me, but the girl in front of me fully demanded I stay. I was her 'Nobody passes you & if they push, push back' guy. Like I told her, "It's always nice to have a purpose."

Hedley came on, rocked out & were indirectly the cause of the current ringing in my ears (Deh gyal dem lost it). T'was nice to see their whole performance, unlike my last encounter with them. Sidenote: This show was broadcast live on the NHL Network & on all the screens in & around Y&D. Look for that footage; if not for the music, for the shots of me. Really, how many people can say they looked up at the giant screens downtown & saw themselves looking back?

Hedley left as the Habs Vs Leafs game came on. I tried to do that too but the crowd was so thick that I couldn't move. I had to wait for a fight to start just so I could get enough space to move through. Shout-outs to the girls near the back who were thinking about starting a mosh-pit. Little did they know, I just left one.

All-in-all, not a bad day. Not the greatest mission ever, but how can I argue about sound-check, a 3rd-row standing spot & the return of hockey to Toronto? Go Leafs Go.

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