O.T.P. – Warm/Cool Showers on Cold/Hot Nights

Yes, I was too lazy to type this up weeks ago. Well, it's not so much laziness as it is an unwillingness to prove myself wrong... again.

I sided with team cool showers on hot nights.

Warm on cold = 43%, Cool on hot = 57%

Honestly, this was too close for me to enjoy the apparent victory. There wasn't an obvious choice here, so it was interesting to hear the logic behind different decisions. My logic was that after a warm shower, you have a few seconds between when the water goes off & when you have the towel is around you. In those few seconds, the cold is TOO bloody much pour moi. As crazy as my logic may seem, at least two other people said the exact same thing. So in short, I guess I'm not a Martian after all.

If you didn't get a chance to weigh in, speak now or forever hold you peace. Much like certain governments, I'm willing to do a recount; especially if it helps my cause.

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