The Best Type of k-os

NXNE is a crazy experience if you are a fan of music. Additionally, a free concert featuring one of your favourite artists is always a good time. So obviously I had no choice but to catch K-OS at Yonge-Dundas Square last night. And yes, good times were had.

So I left, borderline snuck out of, the house & headed to the good old 'public limo'. As I parked, I noticed this girl walking & this guy approaching her from the opposite direction. Now I'll admit that the girl was gorgeous, but as dude passed her he fully did a 180-turn just to check her out. What happened to the days of being subtle? So she grabbed a seat while I hopped out of the car & went to go lean on my usual spot on the fence to wait. Then dude started to head back in our direction. Next thing I know, she decided to post up on the fence RIGHT next to me. All up in my personal space & ting. Now I can't say that she stood with me to avoid him, but that's how the story gets replayed in my mind & I felt the need to inform someone. Shout-outs to random coincidences that make you feel good.

Anyway, after a bus-ride through traffic, I made it back to the heart of the city. The G20 fences were up (that's another story) but the place was still like home, excluding the fact that the homies weren't there. The genius of going to school downtown lies in the fact that I can show up for a concert in the Square fifteen minutes early & kill the time on campus because it's across the street. When I finally decided to head into the mob, I went in with the usual goal: Get to the front at all costs! I faded to the right & just kept finding all these space before I managed to land near a set of official looking camera operators. Sidenote: I don't know where the random set of girls came from, but shouts to them for rocking with me. Additional shouts to the one who got bumped by/kept bumping into me.

The show itself was ill. K-OS went on for about an hour & I got the special appearance by Saukrates that I was hoping for. You've got to love homegrown talent, especially when that talent is actually high grade. Good music, good weather & random appearances by good looking women. Good times, indeed.

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