Fry Cook on Venus Podcast: I Play In Garbage

I finally got around to starting that podcast I've been talking about starting for years. After putting in time, planning & plenty of hard work, my computer crashed & everything I had was lost. So I pulled together what I could in a few days & managed to put something different out. Luckily for me, it came out better than the original version. Welcome to the Fry Cook on Venus Podcast! The first official episode deals with my new job which I started over the holiday season.
The experience was memorable to say the least. As with any new adventure it was difficult to adjust to in the beginning but I made the best of it ever since I found the humour in it. Hit play & enjoy the story. Then if you really like me it, feel free to leave a comment or download it to play it again on the go. It's 2013, kids. Let's get these dreams!

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