2012: Year In Review

Through the magic of Facebook, those who use the social network have been treated to a look back at twenty of their most important moments from the year 2012. Like many, I like the feature but don't feel like my best moments were presented so in an effort to write a corny year-end blog post, BOOM!
I went to a Toronto Maple Leafs game in January & it was memorable for different reasons. I went with family which is always nice. Plus not only were the Leafs doing well but there was actually NHL hockey being played. Ah, the good ol' days.

Tonnes of progress was made on the social media front. I put out a YouTube video that went somewhat viral. I mean, 100000 in a matter of days isn't too shabby for a kid in his room, right? This lead to my YouTube partnership being made official which I suppose validates me as an entertainer. Let's just ignore the fact that becoming a partner is way easier than it used to be, shall we?

My university days have wrapped up but that didn't stop me from having a few adventures downtown. Warm weather has a tendency to encourage people to let loose & I'm glad that I have a phone with a camera that lets me record it all.

My attempts to travel the world & the seven seas (Everybody's looking for something) lead me from the homes of my family members to Montreal. I saw a lot of things & took pictures of the good ones. I made friends, money & a even podcast. There were plenty of rough patches but I hear those kind of things build character. In the midst of a bad month, it's interesting to reminisce on the high points of the year. So, tah-tah 2012. 2013, let's make you a good one.

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