My Leg: The Beginning

By now you've probably heard that I'm trying to cope with a whole gang of injuries & ailments. I'm not sure how I came down with any of them, but I know that I'm ready to deal with them all. One of them, my leg, looks like it's going to take a longer amount of time to deal with though. Since everyone has been asking for details, I'll share this story all of you.

Back in the day (4th grade-ish) I noticed I had about an inch worth of a vein swelling out of the back of my leg. I didn't feel any pain, but when veins are coming out of your leg you should probably get checked out. Mom & I went to the doctor & he said that it wasn't much to worry about. Fast-forward to the present & we have an entirely different situation. The length of this thing is about the distance from the tip of your thumb to the tip of your index finger if you made the biggest C as you can with your hand. Every once in a while it hurts to the point where I can't put weight on the leg. The same leg also gets really itchy at times.

I went to visit my doc again last night & he gave me the paperwork to visit a specialist in a few weeks. He mentioned two possible options for my situation: injections or surgery. (Can't lie. I was excited to hear about the prospect of injections until I saw that he referred me to the specialist with only the word "surgery" on the form).

I'm just glad I have an idea about what's going to happen now. I was admittedly nervous going in to see the doc, because I felt like I was totally out of the loop in a situation that revolved around me. I don't know how I messed up my leg. I didn't know how to fix it. I knew surgery was an option, but I didn't know the details of it. I don't know if this will keep me from traveling, let alone walking around this summer. One of my oldest friends taught me to always hope for best & expect the worst. I've never excelled at the first part though. When I don't have control of my own fate, it's bugs me. It was like everything that I had to look forward to was suddenly vanishing. Whether it be running every day or jumping up at Caribana, I felt like the things that make me smile were getting away from me faster than I could catch up to them. It sucks, IMO, when you don't know what your future holds but at least I know that there will be a resolution to all of this. We'll see where it goes in a few weeks.

Until then, don't stress over me too much. On the positive tip, my Mom is planning a BBQ & was talking about calling people & telling them "Scotty's in the hospital" as she invites them. Even she knows the guest list for that one would be LOCO! In regards to my health, compared to a few days ago, I think I'm on the mend. My cough has died down a bit, my eye isn't swollen & the rave in my stomach seems to have wrapped up. Progress, baby!

Shout-outs to the Filipino & Trini girls working behind the desk at the doc's office, my Doc & my Pharmacist. Mainly my Pharmacist because he's apparently my Dad's cousin. When he heard my last name I looked over & saw him stop what he was doing, look up & turn his head towards me. Too bad I still had to pay for my stuff though.


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