In Defense of Drake

Last night I found myself in the midst of a conversation that I've heard one too many times. Is the most notable hip-hop artist to ever come out of my city a sell-out? I won't rehash the entire debate, but I'll outline my point again with the hope that I won't have to repeat myself any time soon.

The point I was trying to make was that an artist can't continuously cater to the same audience. A new artist should, in order to build a solid fan-base, but to grow shouldn't you move around a bit? Expand your presence in the industry and gain some recognition in other markets. Having your music on blog sites can only take you so far; especially in the current incarnation of the music industry. Touring is where artists make a solid percentage of their revenue, so why should one spend the majority of their time in the same place?

In the specific case of Mr. Graham, we need to remember that he's not exclusive to the city of Toronto. His Dad is from the USA so, much like myself, I feel that he should have clearance to play both sides of the border. Even if he was strictly a Canuck though, the guy is one of the few artists who can open doors around the world for acts back home with his notoriety. Before artists like him, Kardi & Melanie Fiona, how many hip-hop/R&B acts did you see on the scene in the States? We're bubbling now. It's a slow-simmer process, but moves are being made & Toronto is on the come-up.

When it's all said & done for an artist, people will be vexed at them for not having enough shows around the city & others will be angry because that same artist didn't do enough to put the local scene on the international stage. We're all going to have haters no matter what we do; might as well try to increase the number of people who appreciate us. As a fan, you should remember that before every act "blows up", there was a time where they were in the hood every night. Support local art & stop sounding like a hater. (No worries O, we still cool lol)

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