Hail To The Bus Driver

There are certain people that you interact with in life that you don't always get to know on a personal level. Example: How many of us know the person who delivers our mail
or the secretary at the office they're constantly in trying to get answers about what's going on with their academic status? This semester, I got to know my bus driver &, since he's no longer driving on my route, I figured he needed to be shouted out.
Like any bus driver, he was little more than a dude who just drove the bus when I first met him. However, this may have been the best one I've ever encountered. He was nice to people & actually got to know them. For starters, he said "Good morning" to people when they got on the bus. It's a simple gesture, but it's uncommon. When he saw someone running after the bus, he'd stop & let them on. He said that if you leave people in the morning, you could mess up their entire day. Who wants to be the reason that someone was late for work, right?

On a personal level, I respect anyone who can pull a quality prank on me. I was walking to the bus one morning & he was trying to clean something off of the windshield. As I was about to say "Hi", he said "This bus is broken down. Next one will be here in two hours." Now, this was a Tuesday where I only had one class to attend. If the bus was going to be that late, I had no intention of waiting since I'd miss my one hour lecture. So I looked at him, said "Oh" & started to walk away. Then he hit me with "I'm just kidding! This bus is fine, come in. Why would you fall for that?" For the whole ride, I thought "Umm... I don't know. Maybe because you're the bus driver! Why would I doubt you when it comes to your job?" We shared a good laugh though & I admitted that he got me. To this day, I applaud him.

Whether he was dealing with a broken transmission on the side of the Gardiner or he was talking cricket with the people at the front of the bus (I'll never forget the day I got there early & saw him chilling with his iPhone, trying to get the score), my bus driver was a good dude. He's the reason I greet all my bus drivers now (Shout-out to the new guy who looks like he could be related to my friend). Where ever my guy is now, I salute him & wish him all the best, even though I have no idea what his name was.

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