sNOw day

When you wake up in the morning to a ridiculous amount of snow & hear that every school in the city is closed except yours, you know it's going to be a good day. Not good in the enjoyable sense, but in the "I can blog about this" way.

The weather reports called for 20-30cm of snow. They even predicted thunder & lightning. This info would have to result in a snow day, right? Well, not for yours truly. The whole "Let's stay up until 2:30am because there's no way school is going to be open" thing I did was the worst move I've made in a while. It only got worse when I was woken up before my alarm & told that I was the only person in the house to really had the get out & face the world. There's no better feeling than leaving the house early for a train that you know is going to be late. However, t'was only 20mins late. Not the worst GO Transit has done to me.

Upon getting to school, I learned that all that homework I wasn't doing at 2:30am was actually due. I whipped up the worst graph I've made since grade school. On the plus side though, it had colours on it. That's got to be worth something, right?

The day went on as a normal Wednesday. I suffered through a 4hr break with no one to kill the time with. I tried to proofread a paper that I think got worse with each edit. You know, the usual fun stuff I do on a daily basis. The kicker was that this was where I learned that Flow 93.5 was getting flipped on its head. By the time CMN came around, I was relieved that the day was ending. I submitted my paper (with a 0% similarity index on TurnItIn) & was ready to rock &/or roll.

When I got to class, my balloon was burst. Once our guest lecturer started talking, the life felt as if it was being drained from me. Thank goodness I showed up late & had to sit in the back. It might have been awkward sitting in the front & falling asleep. I didn't try to get up until our guest wrapped up. Unfortunately, that's when the whole thing got worse. See, our usual Prof is pretty "enthusiastic about life". I honestly got a headache after listening to her for a minute. If she didn't ask "What do you think about when you think about the moon" & my daydreams didn't kick in, I think I'd have died in there. At least all I had to do after that class was go home. Plus, anytime you can use the slush on the ground to slide down Yonge St for two blocks is a good one.

I got a window seat on the bus with a view of the lake & the city lights from the Gardiner. As I was getting comfy in my seat, I put my elbow against the window & was ready to relax. Then the widow swung out of the bus! As a friend of mine says: "WOOSH!" Apparently the emergency exit was unlocked & I was the guy to push it open. Really, what are the odds of that happening? At least the Jamaican bus driver was cool about it. I felt a little dumb for being the reason he had to stop the bus in traffic to fix the window, but whatever. I know Jamaicans; that could've gone worse for me.

All in all, that day sucked. I knew I wouldn't from the start. But I learned a valuable lesson: "Weathermen are like regular men. However many inches they tell you to expect, subtract about six."

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