Reading Week = No Bueno

It's the last official day of what has been my week off of school & as always, I wish I had more time. This week was less of a vacation & more of a random set of days off for me. Oh, you don't think there's a difference between the two? Well, you just may want to read the rest of this then.

It all begins with the women of the house leaving for NY on Thursday night. No better feeling that knowing your family is leaving for a few days & that their bus is scheduled to leave before you even get home. Oh well, I'm a big boy. I texted them & that counted as a valid goodbye, apparently. All goodbyes can't be on the level of Humphrey Bogart in 'Casablanca'', right? For the rest of the week, it was just Dad & I at home together. Of course, you know how lively things get when it's just the two of us. It was ridiculously quiet! Plus when he wasn't at work, he was sick in bed. This essentially left yours truly hanging around the house, not talking to anyone, doing homework. It was nice to be able to work at my own pace though. During the semester work tends to pile up & I was enjoying the fact that I could chip away at it all with out a shot-clock to work with.

Tuesday morning came & the girls were back. So much for that full "week" of quiet. This is where my "vacation" transitioned to "days off". On a vacation, you can relax. You move at your own pace & go with the flow. During days off you retain the responsibilities of a normal day, you just don't have to be at school/work to deal with them. I was instantly back in taxi driver mode. I was bringing luggage upstairs, driving this person somewhere, driving that person home, etc. Not the most entertaining way to spend a week out of class, but such are the lengths you go to for family.

I'm not saying I didn't need the opportunity to stay home for a few days. However the week wasn't what I thought it was going to be. I suppose I thought it was going to be a continuation of the winter break. In hindsight, the entire month of December was crazy. Sure I was gearing up for exams, but the vibe was right. The late nights of late 2010 were more meaningful, IMO. They felt like they had purpose to them. This week, I hit 5am & was thinking, "Why am I here?" I love staying up all night as much as the next person, but I'm a bigger fan of waking up the next day afternoon & saying "That was worth it." My issue with this time off is that I haven't used that phrase nearly enough. With time still left on the clock though, we shall see how this progresses.

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