Another Break Bites The Dust

It's January 2011 & tomorrow is my first day of class for this semester.  Can you tell I'm not looking forward to it? Ugh, I knew I shouldn't have mocked everyone who started last week. You'd think I'd have figured out the whole "Karma's going to get you back" thing by now, right? Looking back, I think the break was a quality one.  There were ups & downs but that's life, right? I'm going to miss waking up at 10am & not rolling out of bed until 11:30am. I'm going to miss be awake at 3am & thinking "There's no reason I need to be here". No lie, I'm going to miss napping in the middle of the day too! However, some wars must be waged & this is a victory that I will earn.
(Sounds dramatic, right?)

The new schedule is pretty rough compared to last semester. I've moved up to 5 courses from only 3. It could've been 4 courses, but the extra one has a few of my friends in it & is (apparently) not that hard. So I unfortunately have no more Thursdays off or two hour days on Friday. However, I've got a couple of 4hr breaks (#FML! Kill me now). I've also got a few late starts, which sucks since I still wake up early anyways. Such is the price you pay when you're one of the taxi drivers in your house. Above all else though, is my Wednesday. Classes start at 9am & wrap up at 9pm. With travel, that's more than a 12hr shift (that leads to me earning no income whatsoever, #SMH).

This is going to be a difficult one, kids. Lots of work & not that many friends rolling with me. I know I usually pride myself on being the guy who you can give the world to carry & tell to sprint. I'm not digging it this time though. I'm currently in academic limbo, with no confirmation from the Bio office about whether I'm in or out yet. Most of my friends are either graduating this year or have already left. The worst part is knowing that I'm going to be in "The Zone" again. As far as all the focusing gets me, it's never fun journey. I hate the fact I can't kick it with the few people I have left in my circle because of something as whack as homework. While a few wise dudes once told me to get in school & not look back, "The Zone" is a lonely place. I just hope those guys are somewhere cheering for yours truly. I feel like I'm going to need all the good vibes I can get during this time.


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