Comme Ci, Comme Ça

I usually make a point of going into situations with very low expectations. It's pretty depressing when you think about it, but it does help you avoid a lot of let downs. Speaking of which, how was your Christmas? Hopefully, it was more enjoyable than mine.
Leading up to Christmas, things were looking great. I was running into the most random acquaintances & I felt like I had new adventures on the horizon. Plus, I knew about two family get-togethers happening. Obviously this was going to be the opportunity I've been seeking to shoot some more 'Scott-umentary' footage. Then we'd all exchange presents & be happy about life, right?

On Christmas Eve, we did the usual family trip to Scarbz (Shout-out to my Mom who calls it "Scarbz" now). No complaints from me about this party. Any night I get to spend with my cousins is a good one. My Dad & Uncles were calling up family in the States after 4 in the morning & I even got a "Family Is Important" lecture from someone who I'm pretty sure was drunk. We didn't even spend the night there, so I actually got the chance to catch Santa in my own home for once.

Yesterday, we caught up with some more family early in the afternoon. Again, hanging with the cousins is great. This time the fireplace channel was even in HD! Today, I even got Boxing Day started off on a fun note. I woke up at 2:30am & couldn't fall asleep again so logically, I wandered downstairs an hour later & watched Harry Potter. Then around 6am, I decided that cooking breakfast would be an appropriate move to make. So I started grilling bacon & peeling grapefruits... terribly.

On paper, that's a quality set of days. However, I still don't feel good about them. Something isn't right. I'm not sure what's wrong, but I feel some sort of disturbance in 'The Force'. Luckily for me, these things have a habit of smacking me in the face before long. So Universe, do what you have to. Just remember, I've already got a funeral to attend & playing the same cards again would be rude.

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