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I needed an adventure to shake me out of my seemingly month-long funk. I think I may have achieved that in the form of a trip to the dentist. It was scheduled for 10:40 on Saturday morning & I was up at 9am. Of course, being me, I didn't get out of bed until 10am.
Let's face it, appointments aren't any fun unless you have to rush to them. Luckily my partner in crime & I got out of the house & to the dentist... eventually. The combination of procrastination & traffic is deadly. Plus, the fog didn't do us any favours.

When the hygienist called me in I couldn't help but smile. 'Jersey Shore' fans, this woman couldn't help but remind me of Vinny's Mom. You know that friend you have with the mother that reminds you of your own? Yeah, it was like that. I was in the chair feeling like I let this woman down with my obvious lack of flossing. Side-note: Why do I even bother saying that I floss all the time? They obviously know that what's going on in my mouth isn't the result of doing anything "twice a day". Shout-outs to Vin's Mom for not letting me get away with that.

After getting my smile right, I went in for some x-rays. When the new hygienist called me in I hopped out of my chair, prompting her to ask why I seemed so excited. T'was this point where our battle of sarcasm commenced! We cracked jokes back & forth the entire time. Walking down the hall, as the chair was raised, while I filled out paperwork, with the dentists hand in my mouth, etc. We were having such a good time that the dentist was like "When you guys are done chatting, I'll be at the front-desk". In short, shout-outs to Natasha, aka my new best friend.

I realize that this was far from the most entertaining story that I've recounted on this blog, but it was necessary. For the better part of the last month, I've felt miserable about everything going on in my life. I can't admit to being genuinely happy for more than a few hours of that time period. Most of you know that I'm not the type to get down on myself, so even I was bugged out by it. However, I'm feeling better. Thanks to those of you who constantly stick with me. Maybe it was the fluoride, but I feel like I've got some of my mojo back.

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  1. By FAR THE BEST blog ever... I can appreciate the fact that you were honest and sincere with how your life had taken a bit of a detour in the past month, but for the most part it looks like it hasn't broken your spirit. Thank you to those who stuck by you and supported you, and continue to do so even now. I wish you the best in the coming months, and hopefully, a fresh start to the coming New Year :-) God Bless...