Klosterman: 20 of 23

For whatever the reason, two unauthorized movies
are made about your life. The first is an independently released
documentary, primarily comprised of interviews with people who know you
and bootleg footage from your actual life. Critics are describing the
documentary as “brutally honest and relentlessly fair.” Meanwhile,
Columbia Tri-Star has produced a big-budget biopic of your life, casting
major Hollywood stars as you and all your acquaintances; though the
movie is based on actual events, screenwriters have taken some liberties
with the facts. Critics are split on the artistic merits of this
fictionalized account, but audiences love it. Which film would you be most interested in seeing?

No doubt I'd watch the big-budget biopic that audiences seem to love. I mean, I'd need to see it once before I sue the producers for releasing this unauthorized film, right? You make a movie about my life, change facts & release it without my consent? Thanks Columbia Tri-Star, but I'll be taking my money in cash.

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