Caribana Weekend 2010

Thurs: Dad & I were totally at odds with this wedding coming up. Other than the fact that I knew the groom's dad, I had know idea about anything regarding this "auspicious" occasion. Plus I had an essay due by Tuesday & I'm never really all that confident in my own ability to write. That didn't really stop Dad though. I felt like I was in 'The Twilight Zone' with dude telling me to not study & go party. T'was eerie, to say the least. I was sure though that I was heading to the airport to pick up family for the wedding so, as always, Tru-Def & I squeezed in some good times at Pearson.
Fri: I was up early working on this essay. It's not like the usual late night sessions were going to happen, so I had to fit them in where I could. The best part was Dad asking me again if I was going to the wedding. Dude, you won & I'm probably going to fail. Just lef meh to type, nah man! He also mentioned something about driving to Caribana for the parade. I was intrigued, to say the least. Eventually, we got there (early, as everybody seemed to forget that Coolie people operate on Coolie time) & managed to get though it with more than a few smiles. The menu was vegetarian & some dude pissed in front of us while we sat in the car, but good times were had.

Sat: My back was f---ed up! For some reason I was sitting on these rocks at the wedding & when I woke up in the morning, I felt like death. However, A5-35 to the rescue! That was the first move I made that day & it was possibly the best. We got to Caribana, got free ice cream, randomly ran into family, got in the parade, PALANCED & had an adventure that I would need a separate post to fully explain. Ask O though; she can verify the craziness of this tale. Now fast-forward a few hours to the wedding reception. We missed the speeches, but got there in time to eat. I don't know if it was the hunger or just the good vibes, but that was some of the greatest food I've ever ingested! The dance-floor was as crazy as usual with my family on it. While the newlyweds may not know me now, they will when they see our crew spitting the words (ad-libs included) to every song in the DJ's 90's reggae set. And yes, we were the last of the dance-floor.

Sun: Took the family back to the airport & worked on my essay. Yeah... I thought Sunday was kind of lame too. Honestly though, I'd do it all again if I had the chance. Essay included.

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