Go Bade!

On Friday, I wanted to write this because of how it sprung me from a terrible mood. I was assigned a paper, got a little sick & managed to miss out on The Roots, Macy Gray & Chaka Khan. Consecutive rough days are ones that I could care less about so in an effort to escape from my current new funk, leh we reminisce.
So I was naked, right? Oh by the way this is a shower story, so I apologize for that not so glorious mental picture that crossed your mind at least once before you finished this... sentence. Anyways, I've known the light in the shower was going to give up on me soon. For weeks I had thought "Maybe not this time, maybe not next time, but eventually." Being the procrastinator that I am, I always just put it off. So obviously, you know that it died on me this time as I stepped into the water? That was the point where my week hit rock bottom. I was all naked, wet & in the dark. Ugh!

That's when I had no other move to make but to burst into laughter. The situation was just too funny! I mean, that's the point where you know that somehow you pissed karma off & now the universe was just laughing at you. Sometimes you've just got to laugh back though. So I fully stayed in that shower until my business was handled. Figuring out the difference between the shampoo & conditioner was a mission, plus the walls have never seemed so close together. I must say, it was an enjoyable one... as far as showers go, anyways.

The moral of this sad excuse for a story is that sometimes, you've got to laugh at yourself. Good or bad, things will happen to you. Just take them in stride & smile. Side-note: No matter how desperate you are for a laugh, please don't picture me naked unless you feel that you can afford the resultant years of therapy.

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