WonderGrad 2006 (Pt. 2)

Now, getting to the buses proved to be harder than any of us thought it was going to be. Other than "in the parking lot", we never knew where exactly we were going to be picked up so the idea was essentially "We'll know our bus when we see it." However after 1:00 in the morning, that plan didn't go over that well. We eventually made it without getting burned, although shouts to Eric's trick lighter. Getting there last lead to me ending up sitting with some random person while the usual crew was in the back of the bus enjoying the post-park pandemonium.
 Now we get back to STA & it was time for yours truly to start playing taxi driver for the evening. I had my 4 seats filled but couldn't track down one of the people I promised a seat to, so I gave it up to my guy Karie. Of course, once I did that you know the original guy showed up & now needed a seat (#smh). Luckily though, we're a low budget type of crew so we each just piled in, with one person all too willing to hop into the truck. As I was driving with at least two laws broken at this point (if there was any peace around, the volume of the music in the car was definitely disturbing it), I looked into the rear-view mirror out of habit, just to glance behind me. This is the point where I swear I almost had a heart-attack. I see these flashing red, white & blue lights and literally thought that this would be the end of the legend of CsA...

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