WonderGrad 2006 (Pt. 3)

As the lights flashed in the mirror, my heart was pounding like a hyperactive drummer. I turned the volume down & said "Guys, shut up. I think the cops are behind us". The squad started to look back asking "Where?" I asked "Don't you see the flashing lights?"
to which Lindsay chimed "Should I turn these off?" pointing to the light up antennas she happened to be wearing at the time. Thanks again for the heart-attack Lindsay, I still appreciate it.

Continuing on our journey, we dropped Karie home first. At least we tried our best to because dude wasn't sure where his house was. He had just moved into a new place & with little light, it was hard to tell which was his house. However, he was willing to hop out at a certain one so I guess he ended up in the right one. Next up, Kaiser & Kyle were hopping out at the same place. Kaiser left his wallet back at someones house though, so I got to drive all the way back to good ol' Lisa St. Not that I was vex about it. I just waited until he hopped out to run in the building & then drove around to the back of the building. Yep, I'm evil like that. Dude looked mad confused when he came out too lol. Eventually I dropped those guys off & also learned how odd it is to have two people in the back seat of a car you're driving, making out. Shouts to the taxi drivers out there, because that is an odd experience.

The last two to be dropped off were a couple. Obviously dude had to take his girl to the door so I can deal with that. But those two took FOREVER to "say goodbye to each other". Couples man, I tell ya. Just leaving a guy to sit in the car all lonely, #smh.

So I did get home, eventually. It was one of the more adventurous nights of my high school career. Hopefully the cleaned up version of the story did it some justice. To the kids going on that adventure this year, go out & have fun. Just remember, don't do stupid stuff around a blogger; they WILL remember it.

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