WonderGrad 2006 (Pt. 1)

Here's to the 12th graders I know that have asked "What's Grad Nite at Wonderland like?" Here's my story, as best as I can remember it.

Being the only person with a license & access to a car, I got to be the team driver. I had 4 empty spaces in the car & easily found 4 friends to fill them. Driving to school, I had Joshen with me & the trip went well. Parking was an adventure because "somebody" just had to be the guy to reverse-park into the principals usual spot but after a few tries, I pulled it off. We got there kind of early, so we had to kill some time before the rest of the team showed up.
After a while, we hopped on to one of the buses & departed. I'm pretty sure that was the last night I ever had to be in a school bus, so I guess that was a milestone. As we got to Wonderland, the line to get in was a little much but once entering the park, you couldn't help but get that feeling where you think "This s#!+ is going to be CRAZY!" When there's no line for Top Gun, you know good times will be had. And yes, our crew was the first to get on the Carousel... because we're cool like that. Trust me, that ride was PACKED later on in the night.

The rides were the usual fun. Shouts to the team for leaving me alone in line with a bunch of randoms while they filled in the random seats on Psyclone. Amusement park food was, & I assume is still expensive, so bring enough money to not look poor. There we two radio stations setting up two random jams in the park. Me & Joseph got up to the barricade at one. With our efforts, he managed to leave with a huge Dora The Explorer doll while I have a story that involves 5 girls dancing around me. Fair enough pour moi!

So in short, go wild but don't do anything you wouldn't want everyone you know to see on YouTube. Personally though, the best part of the story came after the festivities were done...

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