Party of the Year: Recap

They say you can't choose your family. I say that if you've grown up with certain people all your life, then regardless of relation, that is your family. With that said, Friday nights with the Trini posse have been great since childhood; tonight was no different. Shout-outs to Stacy & Rienzie for bring everyone together for a fantastic night that won't soon be forgotten. Plus, Stacy (almost) made me cry lol. Shout-outs to Brian (aka The Lost Gotti) for being my drinking partner & camera-man for the evening. Hopefully you remember the party when you wake up in the morning. Shout-outs to Ashley for requesting some Lady GaGa for us (because you know I'm not going to the DJ & asking for that). Shout-outs to the entire population of the dance-floor, for there is no genre that can dampen out collective spirit. Shout-outs to Trudith & Stevie for continually being my partners in crime; even when the only crime being committed is mouthing lyrics to songs. Finally, shout-outs to the entire family. You never fail to remind me why I should keep doing what I do.

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