They’re Back & “Take that Harry Rosen!”

- Yes, I did bring war pon dem! I kid you not, I could've handed in that test after 15 mins. Actually, with the way I was changing answers, I probably should've. Ah well, 4 down & 1 to go. Long live the Cribs sheet!
- The airport was a fun time, as it always is. Shout-outs to everyone representing the Philippines; I've got nothing but love for y'all.
- I managed to get some dope clothes this weekend. See that, karma didn't abandon me. And on the topic of fashion, the Stone Cold vest with the exam line-up was a good look! The streets were either in awe or in delayed hysterics. Good times!

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  1. I stand by my belief that the airport is one of if not THE greatest place ever.