Leaving HQ

Well, it was fun while it lasted. I'm about to leave "the spot" for 4 months & I thought I'd say a proper goodbye. This year was rough; ups, downs & more than a few turns. Major failures were followed up with success. Things that seemed fantastic at the time, aren't really that special anymore. I guess the moral of this year has been, hard work pays off, or something to that affect. I think I've finally got this game figured out, & NOW I get a vacation lol. Oh well, soon enough I'll be hating the monotony of all this again. But until then, shout-outs to the squad for rocking with me. Anybody & everybody who stood by me, I thank you. And with that, I say farewell.

6:26pm - Just wanna show some love to a few people. The brother with the rollerblades; you sir, have changed my life. To the guy who yells "BELIEVE"; downtown will never be complete without you. To the brother with the green eyes selling chocolates; not sure what you're raising funds for, but big-ups to yourself. Speaking of people who want money, here's to you Black History guys. Much respect to ya, especially that one guy who knows me. To the lady with the purse, keep your head up. To my dude in the touque, the bus driver with who feeds the birds, the deaf guy, the guy with the dog & guitar, Bird, Esco, Fran Kwan & the bearded guy with the bike; without you all, my life wouldn't be what it is today.

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