Bring War Pon Dem My Yute!

Summer's coming & I can feel my buzz building already. If the situation can work itself out, the Player Haters are going to have a HOT SUMMER! Speaking of hot, crazy weather around here this weekend. The heat on Saturday let us clean up the outside a bit. We raked & picked up garbage. Once we were done, the clouds came in, the wind picked up & now we're right about back to where we were before the clean-up. However, seeing this guy have to chase part of his eavestrough down the street was a good time. If you're jumping out of your van into a rainstorm & interrupting your conversation in the process, don't continue the conversation while still standing in the rain! Some people are shocking like that. Sidenote: Swine flu is apparently running rampant & I had bacon yesterday morning. So if I die, it wasn't because of my lack of culinary skill.

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