Fry Cook on Venus Podcast: Toe of the Hobo

On this episode of the #FryCookOnVenus podcast, I get to know Haoming, Gaurav, Varun, CV & Steven better by playing a game of 'Would You Rather' via Check out the show on PodOmatic or iTunes and let us know in the comments what choices you would make. The questions we answered were:
  • Be attractive but get punched in the face every day or be ugly?
  • Be heroes or villains?
  • Have no eyebrows or a unibrow?
  • Be able to meow & have 9 lives or speak normally & live once?
  • Eat only humans or starve to death?
  • Be electrocuted when you swear or have all profanities censored on TV?
  • Hug a panda or a polar bear?
  • Swap genders every year or have to move & start fresh every year?
  • See what created civilization or see what ends it?
  • Suck a hobo’s toe for 2 minutes or be in a cage with a honey badger & a lion for 20 seconds?
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