Best Halloween Candy Ever

It's the morning after Halloween & with any luck you've got more junk food than usual in your house. Maybe it's a result of less kids than you expected knocking on your door last night or maybe you went trick-or-treating yourself. The important thing is that you have candy that needs to be dealt with. So where are you going to start your attack first?
There was an informal debate a group of dudes arguing about the best Halloween candy to get when trick-or-treating. Last year, when only one group of kids came to casa de rude boy, I got to sample more treats than I thought I would so I feel like my info is up to date. Sour Patch kids might be my favourite candy to get while my chocolate bar of choice would have to be a Coffee Crisp; which apparently isn't available in the U.S of A. When I was growing up, the ladies who lived across the street used to give out cans of soda so they get an honourable mention from me too.
What are your favourites? Were there any treats that you got that no one else you know seemed to get? Drop a line in the comments & let us know. Now let's all go back to not getting cavities.

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