Managing Dreams

This weekend, news broke that Toronto Blue Jays manager John Farrell was released from his contract & allowed to move to Boston to manage the Red Sox. It seems that not too long ago the Jays' head office were adamant about the fact that they weren't going to facilitate lateral movement of a manager in the AL East division. But it was his dreeeam job, so they shipped him off & got infielder Mike Aviles in return. The question remains though, is chasing a dream a legitimate reason to blow off your current position?
Not long after news broke the situation started to resemble a relationship. Farrell represented someone who was formerly in a relationship, with the Red Sox, but was let go & had moved on to someone new. The Jays & their fans played the role of the new girlfriend. Happy to have Farrell after he left Boston & hoping to build something special in their time together. Farrell, it would seem, had never gotten over his past & during his stint above the 49th parallel always felt his heart was in Fenway.
You can't force people to feel things they don't. Nor can you change what they truly feel in their heart. Kudos to the Jays for looking all sorts of weak & letting Farrell to go; especially knowing that they've got no one in line to fill the new vacancy in their life. Aviles can play second but that's like all the presents you get during a relationship. Sure, I'll probably wear this sweater all the time but it's not exactly worth what I gave up. The Jays look like a victim while Farrell looks like he used them for experience & as someone to keep him warm while the Red Sox were busy. Boston looks dumb for letting him go in the first place but hey, some people get all the luck. They can have people chasing them regardless of how their actions & can get what they want from who they want. At least Jays fans will always have a shoebox full of memories to keep you warm at night.

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