Back To School (Again)

Pick your head up. Yes this is the day when most people go back to school, except everyone down South who has been there for weeks already, but this is going to be a good year. Of course, I can't prove this now but I'm going to make an effort to have a memorable year.
I'm coming off a great summer vacation. I traveled, worked hard & had fun. However, I feel like I'm ready to head back to school. One year ago I tweeted about how I was in the midst of my last, frist day of school ever. Then I changed my major & got stuck with an extra year of paying tuition educational joy. It was a necessary change though. I took my life in a different direction & this year, instead of not knowing what I'm going to do after I graduate, I feel like I have options. Sometimes you have to follow your gut & do something difficult in order to find happiness.

Now since I only have 6 credits to get, my goal is get them while actually enjoying myself. The longest break I have this semester lasts for 3 hours & I even have a day off. I'll probably get into my usual ultra-focused, "I hate life" zone soon enough, but as of right now I've never wanted a school year to start this badly. This will be my last year in university & I fully intend to leave with a degree. Plus I'm heading into it with some of the best friends I guy could ask for. Whether it's the crew I see daily or the out-of town amigos, I know how much we all want to get this year done. So ladies & gentleman, I invite you on the journey with us. The ride may experience turbulence, but I promise that by the time we land, you'll have a story or two to tell. Now someone hit the theme music!


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