Fries With That

Yesterday, two of my favourite people on the Internet inadvertently reminded me of a story that I had almost forgotten. One had recently made a trip down to the States & the other had mentioned that she ended up at a certain restaurant that we all know & love. How do those end up as a story? Well, it is me we're dealing with.
A few years ago, la familia & I ended up in the States for a funeral. The deceased was Hindu so, according to the rules, we're weren't allowed to eat meat until after the cremation. Now, the cousins & I are good people so we followed that. However, one afternoon we all came to the realization that a trip to McDonald's was SO necessary. "What can we get from there that doesn't have meat in it?" "We'll see when we get there." So off we went. The whole gang of us ended up standing in the McDonald's in Queens looking up at the menu thinking "Ok, fries. And..." One of us asked about the salad, but even that apparently didn't come without meat. In the end, we spent about $50 on fries alone. And yes, they were fantastic. There aren't many things that I'll willingly admit to sniffing, but you know how those fries are. I was lovin' it.


  1. Now I want fries. Too bad it's late.

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