Klosterman: 8 of 23

You meet the perfect person. Romantically, this
person is ideal: You find them physically attractive, intellectually
stimulating, consistently funny, and deeply compassionate. However, they
have one quirk: This individual is obsessed with Jim Henson's gothic
puppet fantasy The Dark Crystal. Beyond watching it on DVD at least once
a month, he/she peppers casual conversation with Dark Crystal
references, uses Dark Crystal analogies to explain everyday events, and
occasionally likes to talk intensely about the film's "deeper
philosophy." Would this be enough to stop you from marrying this individual?

I've gotten this far into life constantly hearing that there is no such thing as perfection. Now I've somehow managed to find perfection in the form of a romantically ideal female. However she's a total dork who's into something that no one else seems to have the same passion for. Umm, I think I've met this girl in real life, actually. She might not be into this ugly offspring of The Hobbit & The Muppets, but she's different from the rest Smile. Anyways, enough all that obviously fictional romantic noise. Yes, I'd marry this person. I mean, it's not like I'm not a geek. "You want see annoying obsessions, baby? Meet my friends: Cartoons, Television, Sports, Music & the Internet." I think the real question is, would she marry me?

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