The Prom (Pt. 2)

The limo is an overrated experience. There, I said it. It's not like we needed it, as the amount of traveleing we did wasn't that much. It actually took longer to get to the limo than it would've to go straight to the event itself. But, most of us made it there & it was far from a terrible time. The party seemed to go down as one might've expected it to. I won the centerpiece during a game, which was fun. Some guy got shot down the road & ended up in our parking lot. Also, I got to chill out with a few characters that I hadn't really vibed with since elementary school. These guys almost forced me onto the bus to Wasaga Beach. Everything was kind of standard until we were getting ready to head out.
A friend & I had to run out to see when our limo driver was planning on leaving us. The guy seemed like he had a schedule to keep. As we walked to the parking lot, we passed buy another hall, which happened to be playing host to another prom at that moment. Since at the time we left our prom, our DJ was playing the soundtrack from Grease, he & I figured we owed it to our school to at least wander into the other prom. So when we came back from the parking lot, we did! And just so you know it was meant to be, we walked in during "Murder She Wrote"; life is funny like that, isn't it?

A few booty shakes by yours truly to "Crazy In Love" later, I ended up outside again. This time though, there were cops waiting for me at the door. It turns out that the clock had struck whatever time it needed to to officially end the jam, so I was stuck outside without my suit jacket, souvenirs, pineapple & centerpiece. Someone brought the jacket back eventually. All in all, t'was an interesting night. I suppose that cameras, loud music, gunshot wounds, friends & fruit tend to have that effect on an evening.

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