Walls Fall Down

So I had to head out early from studying with the team today to play taxi driver for a bit today. As I get out of the library building, I notice a police cruiser blocking off traffic on Gould Street. I figure there was some kind of fun event I was missing out on, so I didn't even want to look, but for those that know me, you know I always see fun as a worthy temptation.
So I glance to my right & the 2nd or 3rd floor wall of the Tatami sushi spot was on the ground. Shouts to whoever left their bike parked in that spot because they apparently chose the worst spot in the entire city. I was debating whether or not to take a cell phone picture but I decided against it. I thought, "I'd go look if I had my video ca..." & suddenly what do you think I notice in my pocket? Next thing I knew, I was all up in the madness filming before the police thought to break out the caution tape. I suppose I had luck on my side; unfortunately the person who parked their bike in front of Tatami, didn't have as much.

By the way: Efe, Natalia & Jonathan: I guess we now know what that large crash we heard while we were studying was. So much for me thinking it was just random thunder.

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  1. no big deal shit happens in a big city