Denver 97 – Toronto 96

I woke up, did the usual Friday routine & headed back home (blah). As I sleepily replied to a text message, I got a call from Mom. She asked if I wanted tickets to check out the Nuggets/Raptors game at the ACC. I'll assume you can guess what the response was. So I get home & play taxi driver for a bit but once I get ready to head out for the bus to Union Station, I learn that none of the batteries we use in either of the cameras I was bringing was charged. So instead of showing up 90 mins with time to spare just in case, I set myself up for 30 mins & Friday afternoon traffic.
Let me say that the bus driver earned his pay IMO.

Fast forward to Mom & I in the ACC.  I couldn't help but feel like I was near the same section we were at last time we were at the ACC (good times).  As it turns out, we had seats in the same section, but 4 rows closer this time. As we walked though the curtains, my new theme song was playing & I had one of those "Let's pause life right here" moments. As good as the seats were, the game was better. I was ready for a big loss, but the boys played well. Melo put up a last second shot & we lost, but superstars tend to do that from time to time.

Shouts to all who made tonight what it was: The Raptors, Kat & the Dance Pak, the Raptor, Eric & Jonesy, Matt, Jack, Leo, Adnan, 4Korners, Nav Bhatia, Flex Alexander & Mommy!

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