Idiotic Logic: Husband

In between debating compressible liquids with my buddy Confucius, aka "She's still not on Twitter", I was asked about the origin of certain words. Now while it would be easier to use the web to decipher the origins of the given words, I figured that this would be a fantastic time to exercise a skill that I haven't exercised in a bit: "Idiotic Logic" (which is by far the best type of logic). So without further ado:Husband: I'm imagining a "Sex in the City" brunch-type scene taking place way back when in the days of Yore. One woman strolls up wearing a new ring, while the rest are asking "Who's band is that?" Obviously, the blushing bride is bound to brag & be like "This is his band" pointing to her significant other. From there the others, caring more about the jewelry than about the dudes name, probably just addressed him as the "His band" which over time must've evolved to the "Husband" in an effort to demphasize the importance of material possessions in a relationship.

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  1. First of all, I love how you call me Confucius, makes me feel old and wise. I AM GOING TO GET A TWITTER.....soon. And second of all: OMG you made this idiotic logic sound so logical with the use of words and a good story. I give you props!And this made me laugh all day.