Just Like Old Times

What a good Sunday! We got together with the Trini side of the family & did it up the way we used to. Great lines like: "There's a dark cloud hanging over campuses...University students are at the centre of the culture of death"; "You know, if we all walk together in a straight line we could look like a protest" ("Where are we from?...Columbo!"); and "Timeout, okay? Timeout with the shirt jokes." Shout-outs to Ashley for her big day! Shout-outs to Celine for explaining the bear in the balloon and all the Aunties & Uncles that were around too. To those people out there who take their family for granted, love the time you have with them while you have it. One day, you'll be old & sitting in a dinning room reminiscing about that time when someone broke her leg while you wonder where the time went.

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