Operation: Social Santa

This week I got my first birthday/Christmas present of the year. Apparently people have gotten the memo that I don't really care to receive gifts for myself during the holiday season so they've decided to give me stuff prior to it. The gift itself was something that I assumed weeks ago someone was likely to "surprise" me with while attempting to figure out what I like. After making use of it more than once already, I have to admit that I love it & that this holiday spirit stuff is better than lait de poule. So, let's spread it!
While journeying across the Internet nights ago, I came across a Klout for Good project called "Operation: Social Santa" which is:
"A toy drive for social media-driven communities around the world dedicated to giving back to under-privileged children around the world. Through our events, attendees join in the holiday spirit to collect toys for local charities & organizations."
Let's be honest. As great as it is to give gifts, when you're a kid the best thing about Christmas is the presents that you receive. Once someone says "Here. This one's for you" your eyes light up & it's a countdown until the floor around you is covered in wrapping paper. I see in when I give my nieces/nephews presents & I felt it when I got that present a few days ago.
So if you're in a position to donate a gift to OSS, please consider doing so. There are kids out there who might not experience the feeling that we all enjoy so much during this time of year. If you're in one of the cities that has an upcoming toy-drive, OSS affiliated or not, think about dropping by for a bit. There has yet to be one case of "too much Christmas cheer" at a holiday event that I know of. If you can't do either of these, hopefully you can just spread the word. It costs nothing but a few seconds. During the holidays or not, time is the most valuable thing you can spend on someone.

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