T.W.Y.S. - Rushing

Since the crew was partially the inspiration for this series, you know I had to include a few of their stories. Let me clarify, neither they or I claim to be immune to doing stupid things in our respective "situations" & if you stay tuned, you will hear about them.

Now back in the day, before our circle was really "our circle" certain members of our circle were trying to fall for each other. Not spontaneously falling, but attempting to force themselves into relationships. One of us in particular was forcing a little more than the others. I have yet to see someone more eager to start a relationship faster than this character, let's call them Q. Q could literally learn your name on Monday & then ask you out on Friday. I don't think there's anything wrong with being aggressive, but #cmonson, is there any acceptable way follow that up with introducing a person to your entire family on Saturday?

My favourite Q stories though, involve Q on the rebound. Sometimes, but FAR from always, Q didn't have the best "situations". However, never being one to waste time, you could literally find Q working on a new one LESS than day later. If that isn't trifling, I don't know what is. I'm sure Q would be the first to tell you about how far a person can come in life. So Q, I raise a glass for you & wish to leave you with a quote: "Who ever said was a slow progress wasn't talkin' bout me."

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