Idiotic Logic: Mother/Father & Child

Ladies & gents, I 'd like to present the final installment of this trilogy, for now. Be warned, this part is less "Return of the Jedi" & more "The Godfather III".

Mother/Father: Starting at the back end of the words, we see "ther" which likely refers to the claim that they will always be there for you. "Mo" & "fa" would then have to represent the fact that they would (or should) be willing to do more & go farther more you, respectively, than anyone else in your life. However, that probably changes around the time they start to consider charging you for rent.

Child: This was a mission, but I decided that this would best be explained with an acronym. Therefore, my idea was: Covenants of Heaven In Life... Delivered. I know, that's pretty deep, right?

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