Day 3 – Recovery

That Captain Morgan pose I was in for more the 5 minutes straight kinda had my body feeling sore. Other than that, the day after "The Torch" was good. I was sure I'd come home with the flu, but other than some muscle aches, life is good. However, as promised, I did come back with some stories. I showed up @ RU early in order to edit some scenes for the documentary. I got 4 scences down easily, & then noticed that the file types were huge. With more issues trying to save them then you'll care to read, let's just say I gave up on them. Plus I learned about the joys of reformatting your SD card. After that process, I then experienced the joys of having to recharge batteries when you're running late. So far, no good.

So I got to the spot about an hour after I wanted to (Poor me, I had to stay where it was warm instead of outside) and apparently missed a performance by Divine Brown. As I walk in, people are handing out free tambourines. Now dude handing them out didn't see me at first, but he eventually left a whole box of these things on the ground & disappeared. I figured "They were free anyways" so I reach my hand in to take one. At this point, this elderly lady shoots me a look as if to say "I'm ruining the sanctity of the box." So I reply with the classic shoulder shrug/confused face combo & took my tambourine. The best part is that the laughed & takes a tambourine too! Just another person I've corrupted in life. Side-note: To the girl hitting my @$$ with her tambourine, I'm still not sure if I should be flattered or annoyed.

Shout-outs to the Asians who were in front of me; the quiet white guy; and the "Jamaicans." Anyone who demands fireworks & shows up with "some good @$$ cocoa" is alright in my book. I shivered uncontrollably (& with a tambourine that will not go down subtly) but it was one of those moments you had to be at. Plus I caught up with Abdullah on the bus & talked basketball & boxing for the majority of the trip home. Any trip on Toronto public transit where a conversation about Vince Carter leads to random strangers all complaining with you is a good time!


  1. hahahahaha!There was a girl hitting your ass? lmao!Chris stop corrupting people!Seems like you had fun...

  2. Ahaha those tambourines are awesome! I can't stop playing with it.