No Leafs No?

The reason I bought a camera is that when random events happen, I'd be able to film them. The only flaw in that plan is that I need to keep the camera with me.

Since the Pittsburgh Penguins vs Toronto Maple Leafs preseason game last week, I had been debating whether or not I should venture to class with the camera today, so I could walk about the ACC in the evening to catch any opening-night excitement. But I figured, "Who'd actually watch that?" and decided against it. HOWEVER, as I walked up Yonge St. today & saw a hockey rink in the street I knew that that was a mistake! I look to the Square & see this group of guys on roller-blades. I thought to myself "Who's that dude in the Jason Blake jersey? Oh my...wait a sec!" And there was the whole team! No security, no velvet ropes. And I had no BUMBOCLAT camera. I guess I could be positive & say "At least I saw them" but really, I'm going to be vexed about this one for a while.

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